School Fundraising and School Fundraisers made easy at! Mr. Sugar Rush is the most dynamic and fun way to begin your school fundraising campaign! Read below to find out why!

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**NO MONEY DOWN OR COST TO YOU UPFRONT!** You pay a small $85.00 trip charge to have the truck come out, which is deduced from proceeds not your pocket. Hours of service are billed $85/hour from proceeds. The school keeps 50% of gross sales after the trip charge and hourly rate are deducted! How awesome! Get started today! Call us now at 469-458-6888 or email us at to get your truck on the way!


Mr. Sugar Rush offers an unmatched combination of fun treats and frozen desserts catering service for any and all types of special events and gatherings. Events of any kind are welcomed! View our menu options by clicking here.


Phone: 469-458-6888

Why is Mr. Sugar Rush The Best Fundraiser For Schools?

The truth is people are blown away by our truck and treats! If you are looking for a way to get people’s attention, call us today!.
Energizing the fun! Making People Happy! Repeat!
Enjoy 50% from every sale. No Hidden fees. Total Transparency. Fast Delivery. We will work with you to tailor your fundraising campaign so that you feel the value of doing business with us over and over again..
We choose to greet and treat people with kindness and joy. It is our goal to spark happiness in peoples’ lives. We specialize in smiles and 5-star customer service! .
No one has more variety and choices than Mr. Sugar Rush. People love to shop variety and find their frozen favorite! Even adults love feeling like a kid in a candy store from time to time!.
Whatever your need is, you can be assured that you will get in contact with someone who is down to earth and understanding of your situation. You are one step closer to all your profits and fun!
Everyone loves ice cream! We can help you make easy profits with a product that sells itself! Call us Today! 469-458-6888 or email us at