Would you like to find famous Texas ice cream? Mr. Sugar Rush, the ice cream hero, is here to show off our famous Texas ice cream. Mr. Sugar Rush has an exclusive scoops menu that includes flavors that are exclusive to Mr. Sugar Rush and Mr. Sugar Rush only. We have flavors like Peanut Butter Fudge, Cheesecake Rush, and Muddy Mess. Not only does Mr. Sugar Rush have exclusive flavors, but we also have a very exclusive alcohol-infused ice cream. We have classic flavors like Crown Peach, Ciroc Pineapple, and Hennessey. And coming out on top is our famous Texas Honey Whiskey – this boozy, creamy ice cream goes down smoother than a shot and is much more tasty. Come to Mr. Sugar Rush to try these delicious desserts!

famous Texas ice cream

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