Do you find yourself thinking “Where is the best ice cream shop in Dallas?” The answer is easy, 909 Dragon St. in downtown Dallas at Mr. Sugar Rush – The Ice Cream Hero! Mr. Sugar Rush serves all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Craving a classic Strawberry Crunch Bar? Looking for a Pina Colada/Coconut sno cone, or a refreshing Vodka Lemonade or Mango Margarita Pop-Tail? Or maybe a cup of our Courthouse Pecan, or Muddy Mess ice cream from our exclusive scoops menu? Perhaps you want to branch out and try a cup of our fantastic alcohol-infused ice cream, like our famous Texas Honey Whiskey. Anything you’re craving, Mr. Sugar Rush has it. Our unique menu and outstanding service make us the most exceptional ice cream shop in Dallas.

ice cream shop in Dallas

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