As the sun casts longer shadows, you will start to hear the merry jingle of one of the ice cream trucks that make up Mr. Sugar Rush’s fleet. Here at Mr. Sugar Rush, we’re taking the thrill of childhood moments and churning them into a reality for all ages. Our freezers are bristling with an assortment of delicious ice cream, and our nostalgic old-fashioned frozen treats are a tribute to both the timeless and the novel. From the creamy classics of Klondike Bars and Big Dipper cones to the fantastic whimsy of Strawberry Crunch Bars and Character Face Pops, each treat we stock is a tasteful testament to our commitment to reviving the old-fashioned frozen treats of your youth. And the goodness doesn’t stop there; our fleet of trucks also serves up exclusively flavored scoops, adult-friendly alcohol-infused varieties, and even steaming hot food. As we roll through your neighborhood streets, Mr. Sugar Rush is proud to demonstrate that the joy of ice cream trucks transcends generations, bringing communities together one scoop at a time.

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