As the sun climbs higher and laughter fills the air, is there anything that embodies summer more than the jingle of an ice cream truck making its way through your neighborhood? Surely, Mr. Sugar Rush stands out, heralding the joys of the season. Although Mr. Sugar Rush remains open year-round, serving happiness on wheels, our fleet of summer ice cream trucks truly dominates the year. With expertise in summer ice cream trucks, our vibrant parade of vehicles travels the streets, their freezers teeming with an array of frozen confections ready to conquer the swelter of the season. A beloved fixture in the community, Mr. Sugar Rush has become a symbol of sweet relief; a mobile oasis delivering ice-cold euphoria to every corner. So, when the heat rises, why not answer summer’s call with a treat from us? Visit Mr. Sugar Rush today and let our time-honored tradition of summer scoops cool you down!

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